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       Meet Regina Bonolo         Biz Dev Accelerator  Immersive Educator

Since 1999, My company Aspire Higher has been helping professionals from start-ups to 7-figure CEO’s to excel in their careers.  Whether you are a business owner or selling full time, we help you transform the selling grind into a sharing game.

My creative partners and I develop dynamic, fun and engaging educational programs.  We utilize micro-learning strategies or condensed content-rich modules to teach new business concepts. Our "learn, act, test, measure, shift" training approach is vital.


Prior to taking the entrepreneurial path, I was a canvassing sales rep for over a decade selling to companies like Pfizer and Macy's. My required 50 cold calls per day  built that resilient tenacity that I teach as a primary and vital skill.  

I have two amazing sons, an Italian mensch husband and love upcycling, waterfalls and dancing.


Keep thriving,



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